Call for good practices 2019

The winner entities will receive a €2000 management fee that would cover the arrangement of the study visit. 

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We are looking good practices promoting employability (self- employment or paid employment) for the following target groups:


What are we looking for?

Innovation: we look for projects aiming for the socio-labour inclusion of disadvantaged groups:
  • answering new challenges, using new methodologies and approaches,
  • transforming difficult realities into opportunities,
  • initiating social change…
Inspiration: social innovation is not about competitiveness, but cooperation through:
  • scalable and transferable projects
  • openness and flexibility, with the aim of sharing and cooperating
  • willingness to improve and develop through alliances
Impact: we want projects that generate transformation processes:
  • causing changes in people and society
  • seeking efficiency and effectiveness
  • looking for a sustainable impact
Inclusion: the final destination of all these efforts is the social inclusion of people at risk of social exclusion :
  • through social innovation transform their vulnerability into resilience
  • empowering them and supporting them to get their own livelihoods
  • satisfying their needs, helping them solve their problems

What will be the benefit of participating in this call for good practices?

The winner entities will receive a €2000 management fee that would cover the management of the study visit.

If your project is selected either as a winner or as one of the two finalists in any of the two categories, your entity as a member will be invited (all expenses paid by the network) to:

  • The European event in Madrid in June 2019, where the awards ceremony will take place.
  • Participate in the study visit to the finalist entity of the corresponding category.
  • Be part of the working group for the design of projects of the corresponding category.
  • The winner entities will receive a management fee that would cover the arrangement of the study visit.

These projects will also have a privileged space on the webpage and will increase its visibility at European level.

If your project is awarded as the winner in its category, the European Network of Innovation for Inclusion will organize for you a study visit in your organization, where the possibilities of scalability, transferability and sustainability of your project will be increased substantially.

How to participate?

The application period is now closed.

Please, read the Terms of Reference document, fill the application form and send it to

Should you have any doubt or enquiry do not hesitate contact us at the same email.

Applicants should first be registered as a member in the European Network of Innovation for Inclusion. The registration is totally free. 

The submission period will close on April the 30th 2019..



Opening of the call

28th February 2019

Deadline for submitting good practices

30th April 2019

Evaluation period

May 2019

Information to applicants (approximately)

June 2019

Awards at the European event

October 2019

Study visit & working group to the winner organization in the category 1

July- September 2019

Study visit & working group to the winner organization in the category 2

July- September 2019