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1 year
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CECE- Confederación Española de Centros de Enseñanza
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C. del Marqués de Mondéjar, 29-31, 1ª planta, 28028 Madrid
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Lucrezia Palladini
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EU Project Manager
+34 917251475
Which of the following topics would you like to further work on at the European level in the network?
Inclusive entrepreneurship
Inclusive employment
Social innovation
Gender equality
Equal opportunities for disadvantaged groups
Entrepreneurial education and/or learning
Research and innovation on entrepreneurship
Research and innovation on social issues
Social entrepreneurship
Lifelong learning
Development of innovative educational methods
Youth unemployment
Research and innovation on employment
Recognition of non-formal and informal qualifications
Transnational cooperation/development cooperation

CECE is a business organizational of the educational sector, which represents more 1600 private and subsidized schools around Spain. CECE has a legal, institutional and corporate social responsibility role. The objectives of CECE are: - To contribute to plurality, equality and quality in education. - To defend the freedom of creation and management of educational centres and institutions, as well as the right of parents to choose the education they wish for their children and the educational centre that responds to their convictions. - To preserve the legitimate autonomy and pedagogical identity of its member organisations and establishments. - To defend the pedagogical, business, economic and labour interests of our members before the Public Administrations. - To represent the confederate entities in the negotiation of pacts, agreements and collective bargaining agreements before the representative professional organisations and public administrations. - To collaborate with state, regional, provincial and local authorities, as well as with trade union organisations, in the management of the education system. - To work for the eradication of poverty, unemployment and social exclusion, to promote the integration of the disabled and to encourage the responsible use of the environment. - To encourage entrepreneurship and any area related to the improvement of youth.