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Exploring 21st century philanthropy

Banner that shows the date of the event: monday 3rd of april from 10:00 until 12:00 CET

2BDIGITAL: Webinar

Drawing of three mountains and clear blue sky with air balloons flying over five people engaging in different digital activities. It shows the ALL DIGITAL weeks starting April 17th and finishing on May 7th. The motto of the event is written: Enhance your digital skills.

ALL DIGITAL Weeks 2023: Enhance your digital skills

We invite you to participate in the 6-day training course “Let’s dream wider!”, from 24 - 29th April 2023, including travel days, in Würzburg, Germany. 

Training Course: Let's Dream Wider

The 2022 Euclid Network European Funding Toolkit

International Short Break Association

CONFERENCE International Short Break Association