Working group

The study visit to the Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies, gave participants an opportunity to reflect on the gender stereotypes present in their programs. Also, other stereotypes are affecting migrants' integration in the new communities and GenderEd was a great inspiration for participant organizations on how they can work towards those stereotypes preventing the people they work with to enter the labour market successfully.

On the 26th of May, the Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies, Red AcogeDigital InclusionCatnova and Acción contra el Hambre worked together thinking of potential ideas that they could work on together as a partnership. As a result, two project ideas came up to be submitted to upcoming EU Calls for funding:

- Supporting female migrants in their integration to the labour market: This idea seeks to curb deskilling of migrant women by directly addressing the main barriers that trigger it. It will be based on the methodology used by GenderEd to overcome the stereotypes that bias professional choice, with migrant women, companies and the general society.

- Tackling xenophobia in schoolsThis idea aims to support current efforts to end with discrimination and hate speech in public schools at different levels of education. To that aim, a methodology and learning tools will be designed: Upgrade the dream-fighters tool, Integrate DreamFighters app upgrade into a learning and awareness raising based methodology, activities with teachers and families will be done based on the relevant APP scenarios (home and school) to minimize the behaviours and comments that perpetuate stereotypical behaviours.

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