Working group

Winner and finalist organizations of the 3rd Call for good practices got together in Madrid after attending the VII European Forum of Inclusive Employment and Entrepreneurship.

This opportunity was used to keep working on the ideas that emerged during the study visits and as a result, three solid proposals came up:

  • Educate Embrace and Empower, aimed at Erasmus+ KA2. This idea proposes an itinerary where young adults with disabilities define their personal plans (4P) regarding education / employment and are guided and empowered through the            Transformika Coaching Cards tool​, which would be adapted to fit people with intellectual disabilities. The new tool / methodology will facilitate people with disability to gain direction, to get emotionally stabilized, to make their own choices, to become more empowered and eventually to join the labor market. This will be beneficial not only for the themselves but also for their families and society (less unemployed, more manpower for the Companies).  It was submitted to Erasmus+ KA2 on March 31st 2020.


  • Get Circular, Go Green - TREE, aimed at Erasmus+ KA2. The aim of the project is to help improve the level of ecological business culture in Europe by providing knowledge and concepts in the field of the circular economy. A need analysis conducted before the project, it has clearly emerged that training in the cyclical economy is necessary in order to promote the green entrepreneurial spirit within the European business world. The White book from CBE, prototyping and CE events expertise from ACH and gamification toold from SINGA will add value to this project led by IED. It was submitted to Erasmus+ KA2 on March 31st 2020.


  • OneLife: submitted under the AMIF call for proposals, topic 3. OneLife designs, implements and mainstreams an integration model (OneLife Model) aimed at Migrant and Refugee Women (M&RW) in Europe. It is grounded on an analysis of M&RW’s integration needs at three levels: lowly, moderately and highly integrated M&RW. Effective integration paths will be co-designed by M&RW and interdisciplinary stakeholders for each integration level (Welcome Path, Growth Path, Leaders Path) and a joint path (OneLife Path) will get women from all levels to network, support each other and design their Life Projects. This idea, led by ACH was submitted to the AMIF Call on the 30th of January 2020.