Working group

As a follow-up of the study visit to iED, this organization together with SINGA SPAIN (Spain), CBE Sud Luberon and Acción contra el Hambre participated in a working group to come up with project ideas that could solve some of the challenges faced by the 4 organizations.

The target groups facing more barriers towards entrepreneurship were analyzed, as well as the main aspects of the entrepreneurial process with which they struggle.

Out of common reflection, two potential project ideas came up:

- Supporting adult wanna-be entrepreneurs in doing so from a circular perspective, taking advantage of the opportunities this provides and ensuring future sustainability of their businesses.

- Creating a new model to accompany migrant women on their entreprenurial process. Involving different stakeholders through co-creation workshops and developing mentoring schemes between migrant women were some key elements of this draft proposal.

Work continued after this workshop to further shape both ideas and fit them under EU Calls for funding.