Working group

Following the study visit to Monaliiku, winners of the Call for Good Practices in the inclusive employment category we worked together on identifying the potential of the Mentor on the Move project an the opportunities to transfer it to the participant organizations.

Together with the team from Acción contra el HambrePlan International Spain, the Green Employment and Entrepreneurship Platform and CARDET, we discussed on common challenges regarding labour inclusion integration. Among them, the high drop out rate of social inclusion programmes, the barriers of women to find jobs in male dominated (and better paid) sectors or the need to rise awareness at different levels on the need of joint efforts to find common solutions.

Some of the ideas that came out of the discussion were:

  • Formative research and co-creation spaces were project participants have the chance of designing the interventions.
  • Self leadership training for supporting people with tight schedules and high care duties.
  • Creating long-term partnerships with all actors for results sustainability.
  • Awareness sessions to break stigmas and grant more gender neutral job possitions.

workgroup  workgroup