Study visits

Last week we were able to meet Le LABA, winner of the best practice in inclusive entrepreneurship in 2023.  

Together with the team from Action Against Hunger (leader of the European Network of Innovation for Inclusion), CIAPE, STEP Institute and the Fundación San Ezequiel Moreno we travelled to Bordeaux to meet their projects Creative Invisibles and Involve

Street culture has grown exponentially in recent years, driven by the spread of youth culture and the revitalisation of urban areas. From street art to food trucks, pop-up markets to fashion and sport, street culture is any commercial activity that takes place outside of "dedicated and institutional areas" and contains the creative forces that can shape the life of fashion and stimulate the economy.   

Creative Invisibles encourages youth entrepreneurship in the above-mentioned sectors. It is an initiative that builds on the OPUS regional project, piloted since 2019 by Le Rocher de Palmer, which aims to mobilise young people living in priority neighbourhoods by using music, rap, image and sound to create links with the objective of progressively supporting them in their projects by offering them training, internship and apprenticeship solutions - Patrick Duval, Director of Le Rocher de Palmer.  

The study visit also allowed us to meet Elise Thorel, co-founder of Marie Curry, the first catering company in Gironde, New-Aquitaine that promotes the culinary heritage of women with a migrant background by highlighting the talent of these women and giving visibility to new models in eco-responsible cuisine, created by women chefs and restaurateurs from all over the world.  

We were also able to explore Darwin, an alternative and inspiring urban ecosystem where we met Elodie Marchat from citiZchool and her projects citiZchool-horiZon and citiZchool-ecloZion.  

To round off the days of work and knowledge exchange, we attended the Festival des Hauts de Garonne and the Palmer Block Party organised by Le Rocher de Palmer.   

Without a doubt, these great days have given us the opportunity to learn first-hand about different initiatives aimed at promoting the integration of the most vulnerable and “invisibilized” people through various cultural activities.

Study Visit LE LABA


Study Visit LE LABA