Study visits

On the 22nd of February 2018,  Association For Social Cooperatives (Poland) and Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (Greece) participated as finalists of our first Call for Good practices to PARTAS (Ireland) awarded organization in the category of inclusive entrepreneurship. The team of Acción contra el Hambre (Spain), coordinator of the Network, also participated in this activity to learn about the best practice: Social + Local Enterprise Alliance.

This practice is aimed at assist in making communities thriving and inclusive places by:
- creating a new entrepreneurial culture;
- creating and maintaining a vibrant local enterprise ecosystem;
- mining latent creative talent within the community
- launching commercially viable, sustainable profit-making businesses
- creating a self-sufficiency culture in NGO sector
- fully employing the social enterprise model: new income streams to support mission.

It was a great opportunity to put organization's interests and needs in common and reflect on how this model can be transfered to other contexts. 

Study visit to Partas