Study visits

The fist study visit of 2022 was organized to the Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies, winners of the V Call for good practices under the caategory of inclusive employment with their project GENDERED. Finalist organizations Red Acoge and Digital Inclusion travelled with Catnova and Acción contra el Hambre to Nicosia to learn from the work done in this project.

The study visit was hosted at Nicosia's University and participants could share their programmes towards migrants' digital and labour inclusion and gender-sensitive practices.

The whole process of the GenderEd project was shared, from classroom obseravation to identify gender stereotypes interfeering with career choices and the behaviours that perpetuate them. A deep analysis on these stereotypes and how they affect different stages of the labour orientation and inclusion process was done and experiences shared among partners.

A workshop on youth participation and how to involve them in the creation of new narratives was conducted by an expert participating in the participatory youth groups created in the project and a demonstration of the final output, the DREAM FIGHTERS APP was done.

It was a fantastic space for reflection on the current weight of gender stereotypes and how they act from school age to adult life in which they are perpetuated with large wage gaps between men and women. Other phenomena such as the glass ceiling, the sticky floor or the leaky pipeline are a clear reflection of these stereotypes and the importance of innovating to solve them once and for all.

group image