Study visits

On the 10th of September 2019, a study visit to the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development in Larissa was organized as they were awarded with the best practice in inclusive entrepreneurship.

SINGA SPAIN (Spain) and CBE Sud Luberon (France) participated together with Acción contra el Hambre in this study visit to learn from the Open Mind Project. It aims at promoting Social Entrepreneurship for female learners and students from non-business studies through an innovative gamified open online course.

The Open Mind partnership developed massive open online course (MOOC) that introduces students to the basics of social entrepreneurship and a gamified platform through which the e-course will be delivered.

These resources are of great value for the participting organizations, which work also focuses on promoting inclusive entrepreneurship for people at risk of social exclusion, refugees and rural communities. Participants analyzed the pros and cons of this practice and its potential use in their own organizations.

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