Study visits

As winners of the IV Call for good practices in the inclusive entrepreneurhip category, CO-ACTIONS hosted a study visit on the 13th October 2021 in Bordeaux. As finalists, Centro Internacional Santander Emprende, The Women's Organization and Enterprising Girls participated in this activity together with Acción contra el Hambre. This activity was hosted on a hybrid format to allow the participation of all organizations considering existing COVID-19 restrictions.

During this study visit, all organizations could share their approaches towards inclusive entrepreneurship focusing on youth, women, people from rural areas and groups at risk of social exclusion.

We had the opportunity to learn what it is to becmome an entrepreneur in a Cooperative of Activity and Employment, a model that To combines the freedom of entrepreneurship with the security of employment. It allows people to get started, to dare, to test their project and develop their activity within a shared company.

A meet-up with some of the entrepreneurs was arranged and a focus was put on the agriculture sector of the project, which was of great interest for all attendees.

A great opportunity to learn from a yet unemplored approach towards entrepreneurship that can encourage people to do it collectively, minimizing the risks and increasing the enrichment of the entrepreneurial process.