SUPER HEROS against school violence (Provisional title)

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“Superheroes - tolerant schools, tolerant communities” supports young people in schools to develop non-violent communication skills, assertiveness and open mindset and become ambassadors of tolerance in their schools and communities. The project does that with a non-violent communication board game, short animated videos and a non-violent communication guide.

The strategic objective of the project is to decrease violence and bullying in schools and communities with registered violence among young people at 30%. This strategic objective will be achieved with 4 specific goals:

  1. Develop non violent communication skills among young people
  2. Develop assertiveness skills among young people and open mindset among young people
  3. Inspire local peace and tolerant ambassadors among young people
  4. Increase the level of awareness of violence prevention and victim violence support among young people

The target group of the project are school students aged 15-19 in schools with mix ethinc communities, schools in rural areas and schools in sub-develop areas. Those are communities and schools on low budget where non formal education is not often seen and where communities suffer from violence in adolescence level. These are schools with a student population between 500 and 1500 schools. Their budgets for extra curricular activities is low or non-existent and often they can barely focus on curriculum completion let alone develop activities related to non violent communication.

These are schools and communities with elevated levels of violence.


Activity 1. Project management and implementation
Project planning, goals, KPIs and quality monitoring. 

Activity 2. Good practices collocation and focus group research
Research on good practices for teachers which are ready-to-use in the classroom or which are positively viewed by teachers, meaning they don’t require a lot of preparation.

Research on parents' perspective on the problem and good practices for parents which can support them both in violence prevention and dealing with the problem, when it exists.

Activity 3. Guide for parents and teachers created
Design and creation of 2 guides which aim to include proven practices which are also adequate and useful for the context of parents and teachers.

The guide for parents will include conversation starters, questions, also relaxation and anxiety management techniques for parents.

The guide for teachers will include activities for the classroom, conflict management and resolution techniques, examples of real violence situations solved, ideas for classroom practices and ritual for stress and aggression management.

Activity 4. Dissemination and sharing project results
Communication campaign, local dissemination events - blended and social media campaign for raising awareness on the issue.



1 partner with experience in working with teachers/ parents and who is willing to support the development of the project proposal.


The main function of the partner will be sharing good practices and research of what works in schools in their country and the EU. Additionally the partner will provide feedback and input for the guide's creation.