Alliances for Innovation - Erasmus+ Programme

European Calls

Objectives of the action 

These partnerships shall implement a coherent and comprehensive set of sectoral or cross-sectoral activities, which should be adaptable to future knowledge developments across the EU.

To boost innovation, the focus will be on talent and skills development. Firstly, digital competences have become increasingly important in all job profiles across the entire labour market. Secondly, the transition to a circular and greener economy needs to be underpinned by changes to qualifications and national education and training curricula to meet emerging professional needs for green skills and sustainable development. Thirdly, the twin digital and green transition requires an accelerated adoption of new technologies, in particular in the highly innovative deep tech domains, across all sectors of our economy and society.

The objectives of Alliances for Innovation can be achieved by applying to one or both of the following Lots (an organisation can be involved in several proposals):

Lot 1: Alliances for Education and Enterprises

Lot 2: Alliances for Sectoral Cooperation on Skills (implementing the ‘Blueprint')

Who can apply?

The applicants (coordinator and full partners) must be:

- public or private organisations;

- Higher education institutions, VET providers, Networks of VET providers, Small and mediumsized or large enterprises (including social enterprises), Research institutes, Non-governmental organisations, Public bodies... (check the programme guide to view the complete list of eligible entities)

- be established in an EU Member State or third country associated to the Programme

Organizations from third countries not associated to the Programme may also participate as full partners but not as coordinator.

Consortium composition 

Alliances for Education and Enterprises must cover at least 4 EU Member States or third countries associated to the Programme, involving a minimum of 8 applicants (coordinator and full partners). The consortium must include at least 3 labour market actors (enterprises or companies, or representative intermediary organisations, such as chambers, trade unions or trade associations) and at least 3 education and training providers (VET and HEIs), as applicants (coordinator and full partners). There should be at least one HE institution and one VET provider involved as applicants (coordinator and full partners) in each proposal.

Affiliated entities do not count towards the minimum eligibility criteria for the consortium composition.

Duration of the project

Projects should normally last 24 or 36 months


Applicants have to submit their grant application by 3 May at 17:00 (Brussels time).