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Voca Academy
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Tzra Simeon block 126
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Elitsa Kostova
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+359 88 936 6293
Which of the following topics would you like to further work on at the European level in the network?
Inclusive employment
Social innovation
Development of innovative educational methods
Youth unemployment
Research and innovation on employment
Career guidance / employment services

Edu Compass works primarily in the Career Guidance and Entrepreneurial Mindset: Edu Compass provides employability and career orientation training for young people, develops educational materials, and offers curricula. They have worked with various organisations and conducted bootcamps for entrepreneurs from multiple countries. Inclusion Projects: The organisation works on projects aimed at promoting social and cultural inclusion of marginalised groups, including initiatives like Voccess online and Coolt. Teacher Training: Edu Compass develops educational materials for teachers and conducts training sessions for educators. They have expertise in curriculum design and have been actively involved in KA205 projects. Training and Seminars: They offer training sessions and seminars in different fields, including presentation skills, negotiation, persuasion, and gamification in education and training processes. Educational Platforms and Software Development: Edu Compass has expertise in developing educational platforms and applications, including the creation of the unique online gamified platform Voccess. Edu Compass Foundation's main activities revolve around career orientation, guidance, and coaching, with a focus on inclusivity, teacher training, and involvement in various educational projects and initiatives.