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Le Mans University (LMU)
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Service des Relations Internationales, bat. Ciel, avenue Olivier Messiaen, 72000 LE MANS
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Catherine PAINEAU
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Head of International Relations Offices
Which of the following topics would you like to further work on at the European level in the network?
Social innovation
Gender equality
Equal opportunities for disadvantaged groups
Research and innovation on social issues
Development of innovative educational methods
Research and innovation on employment
Recognition of non-formal and informal qualifications
Transnational cooperation/development cooperation
Social impact measurement

Making “Success for everyone” its motto, Le Mans University has implemented a high number of measures to promote gender equality, inclusiveness, diversity and equity such as extensive services for disabled students, a gender equality mission, a solidarity fund dedicated to students with a vulnerable profile and the development of two diplomas, which are free of charge for refugees (“DUALIR: Linguistic Accompaniment for the Integration of Refugees” and “Rights of Foreigners, Refugees and Stateless Persons”). LMU would like to share its expertise and pursue its actions regarding innovation and inclusion.