ETACADEMY - Executive Training Academy

Name and surname
Paula Figueiredo
Position in the organization
Full address
Rua Santiago 1 2400-224 Leiria
Type of organization
Legal form
Private company
Aim of the organization

ETACADEMY develops a strategy focused on the professional qualification of young people and adults and the continuous specialized training of professionals, as well as consultancy activities and customized training for companies. We develop projects in partnership with national and international organizations that position us at a level of recognition for the quality of our services and innovation. ETACADEMY's mission is to provide quality services that add value to companies, contributing to the employability of professionals and the modernization of the business sector through innovative, specialized training adapted to the needs of the job market. ETACADEMY's vision is to invest in the development of training projects and the enhancement of Human Capital, improving employability conditions, strengthening academic and professional qualifications and promoting the development of lifelong skills.

Which of the following topics would you like to further work on at the European level in the network?
Social innovation
Entrepreneurial education and/or learning
Research and innovation on entrepreneurship
Lifelong learning
Development of innovative educational methods
Transnational cooperation/development cooperation
Area/s of expertise of the organization
Equal opportunities for disadvantaged groups
Entrepreneurial education and/or learning
Lifelong learning
Vocational training
Development of innovative educational methods
Transnational cooperation/development cooperation
European projects
Social innovation