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Monica Verzola
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+39 049 8658925
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Inclusive entrepreneurship
Social innovation
Entrepreneurial education and/or learning
Social entrepreneurship
Lifelong learning
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Career guidance / employment services
Recognition of non-formal and informal qualifications
Transnational cooperation/development cooperation

Born in 1951, ENAIP Veneto is a social enterprise operating in the vocational training field. Providing its services to about 4.500 pupils and 2.200 adults every year, it is one of the main organizations operating in the VET sector in Italy, both at a regional and national level. With its 18 training centres and 320 permanent employees (+ 530 external collaborators), ENAIP Veneto I.S.’s mission is to enhance professional development and social integration through work, the growth of local economies and labour organizations.  Together with ENAIP Piemonte, ENAIP Lombardia, ENAIP Friuli Venezia Giulia and ENAIP Nazionale, ENAIP Veneto is also part of ENAIP NET, a consortium dealing with the development of national and transnational cooperation, innovation, research and improvement of good practices in the vocational training sector. Within this network, ENAIP VENETO is in charge of the International Development Area.  ENAIP Veneto is furthermore involved in the international community by working in strict collaboration with EVTA,EVBB and EfVET.   Since 2017, it is also member of ALDA. ENAIP Veneto actively participates to the initiatives and activities carried out by the LLLP (Lifelong Learning Platform) and the EAfA (European Alliance for Apprenticeship).  At a regional level, ENAIP Veneto collaborates in the development and management of projects that aim at requalifying and integrating adults in disadvantaged socio-economic situations. In these kinds of initiatives, which are mainly thought for people that have been unemployed for a long time, the addressees are guided through a complete training process. This includes both individual and group activities in order to support the development and use of personal and professional skills. By doing so, job opportunities that are coherent with individual expectations and with the territorial potential can be easily identified.  Thanks to its long experience and consolidated practice in this training sector, ENAIP’s staff can properly and efficiently relate to adults that present these special needs, both in terms of soft and social skills.  ENAIP Veneto operates in the following fields, on the national and international level:  VOCATIONAL EDUCATION AND TRAINING   - iVET (initial VET, EQF level 3 and 4)   • cVET (continuous VET, EQF level 3)    • lifelong training for companies   • apprenticeship   EMPLOYMENT SERVICES   • tailor made training   • job placement   • skills analysis and certification   INNOVATION AND DEVELOPMENT   • research and surveys   • international cooperation   • technical assistance   • training programs start up and improvement