Youth Hackathon - Consulting EUTH

The Network's member Instituto Ikigai, along with 13 other European organizations, is carrying out the project Consulting EUTH, whose main objective is the promotion of young migrants and refugees' social inclusion.

The project aims to support the setting up of consultative bodies of youth migrants at local and EU level in close cooperation with public authorities. The desire outcome of the project is the involvment of young migrants/refugees in active political life, through the co-designing of policies addressed to migrants and refugees. 

As part of the project, Instituto Ikigai is organizing a training interactive session directed towards young people aged 18-36 who have a basic command of English. 

This training session is completely free and will take place during January 2023. 

If you are interested in taking part, please reach out to Cristina Carnovale ( by October 31st



Consulting EUTH Project