2BDigital: European Webinar

Join the Erasmus+2BDigital European Webinar, as a unique opportunity to broaden your knowledge of  „Innovative approach to digital pedagogies and adaptation of Agile methodology in day-to-day learning and teaching”.


Five international speakers will give their presentations on related topics:

-“Adapting the scrum methodology to education and digital competencies”, Constança Ramis Ferrer (Fundación Acción Contra el Hambre, Spain);  

-“Developing digital pedagogy skills - Going beyond LMS (Learning Management System)”, Martina Filipović Tretinjak (Electrical Engineering Vocational School Zagreb for AVETAE, Croatia);

-“Riga TechGirls – training teachers to go digital”, Pauls Siliņš (Riga TechGirls for VISC, Latvia);

-"Putting the student at the heart of learning: student-centered and student-led competence learning and assessment", Hazel Israel (Bantani, Belgium);

-“The use of entrepreneurial tools for digital enhancement: a case study”, Alexandros Tampakis (CARDET, Cyprus).



It will be hosted on 13 February 2023, from 10 to 12 AM (CET).

Working language: English.

Please register for the event here. You will receive a ZOOM invitation upon registering.


One of the topics covered will be a MOOC course developed during the project – in order to follow it, please sign up for the EntreComp community before the event.


What is 2BDigital?

The COVID-19 crisis has made it even more evident how global, unstable, volatile, and increasingly more technologically driven and dependent our society and labor market is, and the urgent need for citizens to develop competencies to constantly adapt to change, and to the digital way of living, working and learning.

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