YOUTH EMPLOYABILTY! Best inclusive innovations


This webinar is the first of a series of 6 where the main barriers towards a more inclusive labour ecosystem in Europe are discussed, followed by innovative practices trying to tackle them.

As part of our network's identification of good practices, the following members presented their great work on youth employability:

The Italian Chamber of Commerce for Spain with SCOOPCONSS: Social Cooperative Contest for Secondary Schools.
Introduce and enhance cooperative business education in Secondary Schools, starting from topic-related teachers who involved colleagues from other disciplines and students.

The Opportunity Centre with SCALE project: Scaling up Applied Creativity Labs for Europe.
Addressing current local and regional environmental and climate change issues through an innovative methodology. Reinforcing the development of key competences – and independent learning.

Centre for Competence Development Cyprus (COMCY) with MotivatEyoUth project. 
Preventing the Early School Leaving phenomenon in the EU through practical and innovative solutions such as Expert Programme Toolkit, online game “Journey to your Future”, and more.

Proacting Association with EYE project: Entrepreneurship & Youth Empowerment.
Competence Based Development Programme for Social Inclusion and Employment of young people, including socially underrepresented groups, by creating opportunities and enabling them to integrate into the labour market.

IPAV with Ubuntu Leaders’ Academy. 
A non-formal education program based on the Ubuntu method, which leads to the core development of five main competencies, basic to human development: becoming a person, focusing on personal skills, as well as social and relational skills (Empathy and Service).