Working group

Following the reflection and exchange of practices and approaches done during the study visit, a working session was hosted in APID – Imprenditorialitá Donna in Torino.

APID led an interesting analysis focusing on elements they would like to further work on in a future version of the project: maximizing impact, by stablishing a well-defined impact monitoring system and scaling up the project through international alliances. Participant organizations (KMOP, Cyprus Energy Agency, Matera Hub and Acción contra el Hambre) contributed with ideas and approaches that could take this initiative one step further: addressing different levels of education and focusing on other traditionally masculine sectors such as Arts or Green jobs to promote women’s participation in them.


study visit torino

All partners shared the main challenges they would like to tackle through future projects, which can be summarized in three main blocks:

  1. Supporting women of all ages accessing male-dominated sectors, which usually present better conditions and can also reduce the pay gap (Technology, green jobs and arts).
  2. Providing solutions to the energy crisis and the climate change, supporting both individuals and companies to become more resilient and ensure their active contribution to the twin transition.
  3. Focusing on initiatives that reduce the high unemployment of rural and remote ares (such as islands) and the subsequent depopulation that is instilled by the lack of opportunities for your people’s professional development.