Working group

Following the study visit to Edu Compass Foundation, winner organization of 2020's Call for good practices in the category of Inclusive Employment, a workshop was hosted with the participation of Fundació GentisThe Opportunity Center (Aspire Igen Group) and Acción contra el Hambre.

Participants did a previous job of identifying the main challenges they wanted to tackle related to inclusive employment. After going through them, inclusive digitalization and green jobs were decided as key topics for youth at risk of exlusion. Also, working on solutions to support women who had been out of the labour market for a long time was selected a priority.

Out of this, the following ideas came up:

- DIGITALIZATION: Participants agreed on how technology currently dominates young people's lifes. They are very familiar with apps, but don’t know how to send an email. Also, internet is often seen as a dangerous place by certain communities and youngster are not always aware od the importance of taking care of what they read online and of managing their online presence. For this, a project idea focusing on iImproving the digital skills of young people to boost their employability was drafted. It included the provision of digital devises to groups with fewer opportunities and support for teachers and trainers to bridge the youth digital gap.

- LONG TERM UNEMPLOYED WOMEN: Many women get out of the labour market due to care duties. When they try to get back to work life they are not aware of the important skill set they acquired during this time, something companies often don´t give value to either. A project focused on raising awareness both among women and employers, combining mentoring, training and aprentiships for long term unemploymed women was worked on.

workgroup workgroup