Working group

On the 8th of March 2018,  a working group was hosted in Mechelen following the study visit to Trendhuis and counting with the participation of Grup Fundació Ramon Noguera (Spain), Fundación a la PAR (Spain) and Acción contra el Hambre (Spain).

This activity allowed to have an open, collaborative and participatory space, in which all entities contributed with their experience and knowledge.

This workshop included:

  • Discussion on the challenges, difficulties and needs regarding socio-labour inclusion.
  • Analysis of open calls that can finance activities to take on challenges, overcome difficulties and cover needs.
  • Work on project ideas.

As a result, the idea of working on a project to standardize a way to measure the social impact of inclusion across Europe was drafted. With the aim of designing a common framework to measure the impact of social inclusion, the following activities were suggested:

  1. Analysis of every context.
  2. Framming the ecosystem
  3. Defining the indicators.
  4. Defining the way of measuring the indicators
  5. Testing ( with the target group and when you are finishing) and validating

The potential of submitting this proposal to EU Calls for funding such as EEA Grants or Erasmus+ was studied to further work on it.