Working group

On the 6th of November 2018, following the study visit to Creative CitiesCEAR (Spain), Movingmood (Spain) and Acción contra el Hambre actively participated in this workshop. The work focused mostly in finding common needs on the topic of migrants' inclusion and thinking of potential ideas to tackle this issue in partnership.

Among some of the developed ideas, the following came up:

- Creating a pool of migrant entrepreneurs, that could be connected and serve as role models for future entrepreneurs.

- Working on community involvement through multistkeholder alliances to come up with long lasting solutions.

- Promoting pop-up stores led by migrant entrepreneurs which could be promoted through social media campaigns.

Some of this ideas were put together and later explored to its potential submission under the AMIF Call for funding.

Algo, agreement for innovation were signed among the participant organizations in an attempt to ensure future exchanges on key areas of interest.