Study visits

The winne of the Call for Good practices in the inclusive employment category 2019 was Van Dale Europe, led by Iana Avramova, and its Transformika Coaching Cards.

On the 24th of September the team of Acción contra el Hambre travelled to Sofia together with the finalist organizations: EDE Fundazioa (Spain) and Fundación Aprocor (Spain), to learn about this innovative tool and explore the opportunities of using it in their projects.

All organizations had the chance to present their awarded practice, the aim of their organization and how they are adressing the topic of socio labour inclusion.

The study visit included an in-depth explanaition of the methodology behind the design of the coaching cards, how they were developed and with which purpose.

Individual and group use demonstrations were done, so participants could get familiar with the materials. A later reflection on how to adapt this material to the needs of the participant organization's target groups was done.

Finaly, the study visit closed with the testimony of a professional who had used the cards for the professional development of different groups at risk of exclusion and an open reflection on the potential impact of this resource was done.

stustudy visit