Ensuring the digital revolution is egalitarian and brings opportunities for all is a key priority. However, we have seen how digital gaps in the access, use and utilization of technologies is uneven and different population groups are struggling to adapt to online working and living demands.

In this webinar, we share different practices that have proved to be effective on bridging the digital gap:

Inercia Digital and EFIVOS project.
Encouraging and Fostering Inclusive Values among youth by Increasing awareness and enhancing KnOwledge and Skills requirements in a digital era.

A social enterprise working with mission-oriented organizations to empower people to turn their skills into decent work and lasting careers with innovations such as the SkillMap App.​

Blue Room Innovation and The Missing Entrepreneurs project.
Building a more inclusive culture towards digital start-ups and supporting the development of digital and entrepreneurship skills among vulnerable and still under-represented groups.

Digital Inclusion and DigiCoach project.
Seeking to develop linguistic and digital skills of migrants and long-term unemployed people over 45 years old with one-to-one job coach sessions and courses and more.