Gender inclusive practices fostering employability


Bridging the gender gap in Europe is a major issue. Nowadays, women are still more represented in the unemployed population and and the pay gap stands at 14.1%, having only changed minimally over the last decade.

There are different approaches towards a more equal labour market in Europe. In this webinar, we learnt about a mentoring scheme towards women migrant's inclusion through sports, an APP developed to overcome gender stereotypes in schools and other innovative solutions for women entrepreneurs. The following organizations and practices were presented:

Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies and GenderEd project.
Combating gender stereotypes in education and career guidance through the awareness-raising workshops, the development of Gender Sensitive Educational Program, and a diagnostic study.

Escuela de Organización Industrial and Female Entrepreneurs 4 Change prorgramme
Empowering female entrepreneurship and leadership through the educational programme, both in urban and less developed areas by training and personalized mentoring & coaching.

The Italian Chamber of Commerce for Spain and Being a Female Entrepreneur project.
Providing new professional skills to young women entrepreneurs living in a disadvantaged socio-economic situation to support them in their entrepreneurial journey in the culture sector.

Monaliiku and Mentor on the Move project.
Migrant women limited in personal contact with the local community become mentors providing the mentee with information and support related to living, working and studying in Finland.

EnterprisinGirls and Let's go networking! project.
Building an innovative network, learning team working by building and sharing relationships with on-line/offline model, promoting and enhancing talent in the labor market, and more.