Study visits

The winning practice in the category of inclusive entrepreneurship in 2021 was the Consell Comarcal del Baix Llobregat with its practice Ateneu Cooperatiu. To get to know this fantastic initiative based on social and solidarity economy we traveled to their facilities in Sant Just Desvern.

For this visit, which was attended by the School of Industrial Organization, Matera Hub and Acción contra el Hambre, the Consell organized a day attended by representatives of several municipalities in the region as well as social and solidarity entrepreneurship initiatives that emerged from the Ateneu.

A fantastic experience, which gave us the opportunity to get inspired and exchange practices of social entrepreneurship and to reflect together with these city councils and initiatives on the importance of public-private partnerships to move towards more cooperative economic models.

We also had the tremendous chance to learn first-hand about the great work done by Solidança Treball EI S.L. demonstrating that inclusive employment and circular economy are two approaches that fit perfectly together.

An experience full of learning, inspiration, reflection and collaborative spirit.


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