Study visits

What are the study visits?

The European Network of Innovation for Inclusion will organize a study visit per category to the winning entity of the annual call good practices. The finalists in the same category will be invited to participate in the study visit.

The purpose of the study visit is to learn by first-hand how the winner’s good practice is being implemented, and to analyse its transferability to other entities, so participants will be able to implement (or be inspired by) the good practice, in their organizations, and even give support to the entities in their countries deciding to implement this best practice.

For the winner of the good practices, it will be a reward for the work done and thus it will increase their possibilities of improving their implementation and collaborations at the European level.

The study visit will be open to the participation of all members of the European Network of Innovation for Inclusion showing interest in participating.

The network will cover all the expenses to attend the study visits for the three finalists under each category of the call good practices.

Registration in the study visits

Detailed information about the study visits will be published in October 2017.