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Technical and vocational education and training (TVET) is seen by a large number of countries as a key part of the solution to a myriad of challenges including sluggish growth, poverty, inequalities, employability and unemployment, particularly though not exclusively for youth and for women, and as a means to tackle human underdevelopment and climate change

The aim of this project is to support students of Vocational Education Training in their goal of taking personal and professional action through having higher awareness and understanding of the SDGs, further developing their entrepreneurship and global citizenship skills and being able to design and prototype entrepreneurship projects that put their technical knowledge and abilities at the service of social challenges related to de SDG’s.



  1. A transnational research on the actual SDG knowledge / awareness and the motivation towards their implementation by VET students, VET teachers and VET centers.
  2. A transnational awareness plan aimed at an extensive network of VET centers in each partner country, rise conscience on SDG’s importance and how their professional choices can generate a positive impact on the.
  3. An Itinerary for global and entrepreneurial skills development to be implemented in VET centers through project-based learning on SDG.
  4. A transnational training for trainers on SDG promotion and the itinerary implementation.
  5. Upgrade of a skills assessment tool for evaluating global and entrepreneurial skills level.
  6. Global Skills passport – This will match entrepreneurial and global citizenship skills and validate them.



Please read the concept note and send the Partner Info you can find in the following link to eunetforinclusion@accioncontraelhambre.org before 10th of March