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Supporting Women On Digital Entrepreunership (Provisional name)

Supporting Women On Digital Entrepreneurship (SWODE) aims to support women, specially those from vulnerable target groups such as low skilled, migrant and those from rural and suburbian areas, on their entrepreneurial process by closing the gender and digital gap they face when starting a business at three different levels:

  • Access digital divide: which refers to having equal access to the network, devices, and and software.
  • Usage Digital Divide: which refers to having equal opportunities to develop skills and competences needed to operate and perform the digital actions required in different domains.
  • Usability digital divide: which refers to the fact that it is not only necessary to know how to use ICTs, but also to be encouraged to develop the competences to make ICTs beneficial to your own goals and ambitions.

Two main work packages will be developed along the project aimed at reaching that goal.

WP1. Digital entrepreneuship itinerary:

Aimed at women with different levels of usage and usability of digital tools and procedures, a training itinerary will be developed that will interweave the main knowledge, competences and tools for entrepreneurship with training in the digital skills and procedures necessary at each stage of the entrepreneurial process.

The digital component of the itinerary will be supported by an eminently practical MOOC designed in such a way that the entrepreneurs can carry out real practice of the digital challenges involved in their entrepreneurial process.

This itinerary and its contents will be designed to be taught with the support of a trainer, whose support will be fundamental not only in the transmission of knowledge, but also in the reflection on the main stereotypes that limit women in their entrepreneurial process, that generate unequal access, use and exploitation of technologies between sexes and that, ultimately, cause women to abandon their entrepreneurial projects earlier than men.

The training pathway will be piloted in all partner countries and will involve networking and collaboration activities among women entrepreneurs to strengthen their networks, improve their confidence and mutual support.

WP2. Trainers guide for supporting women on digital entrepreneurship.

The role of the trainer is fundamental in guaranteeing adequate motivation, guidance and advice for the entrepreneurs.

This guide is especially aimed at making visible and combating the stereotypes and barriers that women entrepreneurs have to face. To this end, it will focus on several aspects such as:

  • How to strengthen the main entrepreneurial skills that women possess and are often unaware of.
  • How to generate confidence and ambition free of gender stereotypes when it comes to entrepreneurship: the gender gap also manifests itself in the sectors in which men and women decide to set up a business and in the size of the business.
  • How to make positive examples of female leadership and entrepreneurship visible.
  • How to facilitate access, use and exploitation of new technologies for the benefit of women entrepreneurs and to avoid the gender gap.


  1. Technological partner: expert on providing technological solutions with a focus on low skilled and vulnerable groups.
  2. Digital education partner: expert on developing and implementing digital training materials.
  3. Gender and technology partner: with expertise in supporting women on the digital transition.