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S-Simple - Social Integration of Migrants and activation of Paths for Learning and Employability

The project is part of the interest in the psychological wellbeing and the social integration of migrants traumatized by the travel and the human trafficking. Particular care is given to people with all sorts of vulnerability, among which, women, pregnant women, minors and unaccompanied minors. This is a completely cutting-edge approach, which aims to respond to the Community guidelines defined by the EU Directives on minimum standards in the welcoming of Asylum Seekers (implemented in Italy by the D.L. 140/05). This Directive recommends to EU countries the protection of the victims of tortures, rapes and other severe forms of psychological, physical or sexual violence.

Health and social measures must be implemented, alongside with specific and qualified procedures designed to the identification of the trauma, the treatment and the rehabilitation. Through a relatively small number of sessions, depending on whether it is a short and focused therapy or a broader therapeutic process, the patient recreates his journey with his therapist.

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