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The cooperative L'Ovile is interested in joining a partnership on the Easi-Progress call VP/2020/003. 

The cooperative is involved in several European projects (Erasmus+, FAMI) as Lead applicant or partner. We don't have experience with projects funded under Progress Programme, but we are highly interested in working on this call because it's connected with our mission and "core business", so we are exploring the opportunity to join a partnership, also contributing, if possible, in defining the proposal.

L’Ovile is a social cooperative established in Reggio Emilia (Emilia-Romagna Region, Italy) in 1993, with the aim to promote the inclusion of disadvantaged people, who live difficult situation from a social and economic point of view. According to Italian law, the organization is a cooperative of type A and B: sector A provides social services and sector B offers opportunity of integration into the labour market. L’Ovile plans reintegration paths according to the following criteria: promotion of the empowerment and the social inclusion of beneficiaries, involving different actors in the territory thanks to the delivery of services, the implementation of entrepreneurial activities, the development of Active Labour Market Policies (ALMP); promotion of awareness raising actions and support to people who are at risk of exclusion.

The services delivered by the cooperative address the most abandoned and in need people, such as physically, mentally and sensorially disabled, drug- and alcohol-addicted, inmates and ex-inmates, migrants with a low knowledge of Italian language, refugees, victims of human trafficking, unemployed, taking into account also the new types of poverty.

The Easi-Progress call VP/2020/003 promotes the development of a multi-stakeholder innovative approach integrating three strands: 1) the provision of adequate minimum income benefits; 2) activation services supporting the access to employment and 3) effective access to enabling goods and services.

L’Ovile could be one of the requested partner and we actively collaborate with job agencies focused on the most disadvantaged persons and with local authorities, requested by the call. So we could involve a network of Italian partners, with a set of competences necessaries for the project.

In case you are working on this call, please take into account our competences, network and interest in testing innovative approaches.

Best regards