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Entrecomp4EU: COS-ENTRECOMP-2018-3-01 call for proposals

The overall goal of this callis to get together relevant players in a number of countries to create a collaborative community that will explore how the framework can function as a catalyst and a tool, to foster the entrepreneurial skills of young people and citizens in general.

We believe that Entrecomp provides a great framework to define entrepreneurial skills and brings a chance to spot and foster those that might have been undermined or underrepresented but are of great value for entrepreneurs.

Through this call for proposals, Action Against Hunger aims to submit a project that analyses the Entrecomp from a gender perspective and develops entrepreneurship itineraries for youth, NEETS, unemployed and recent entrepreneurs.

Through collaboration with public authorities, business representatives and organizations that promote inclusive employment and entrepreneurship, we aim to establish collaborative communities and generate new methodologies, strategies and learning opportunities at different levels.

This project aspires to update and complete this assessment tool with all the competences of Entrecomp and include the results of the research done with collaborative communities, integrated by the main potential users of Entrecomp.

If you are interested in creating consortia and participating in this project, please find the concept note in the following link as well as the Partner Information sheet: https://we.tl/t-DL8qCosY1q

Should you have any doubt, do not hesitate and let us know!