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Educate, Embrace and Empower - Erasmus + KA2



People with disabilities, especially those with intellectual disability, have to face lots of obstacles and barriers during their formal education period. There is a great rate of drop-out and even the ones who would like to follow training or further education found no options for them. They often are not asked about their preferences and receive no orientation on counselling based on their talents, abilities, preferences and needs.

Traditional Education does not usually acknowledge skills, and this is where we would like to make a difference with our project. We plan to introduce and engage new, innovative methodologies from the fields of applied psychology, career orientation, coaching and gamification that will be intertwined into an easy to use, accessible and inexpensive tool.


Our project proposes an itinerary where young people with disabilities define their personal plans regarding education / employment and are guided and empowered through the Transformika Coaching Cards tool, which would be adapted to fit people with intellectual disabilities. The new tool / methodology will facilitate the young people with disability to gain direction, to get emotionally stabilized, to make their own choices, to become more empowered and eventually to join the labor market. This will be beneficial not only for the youth themselves but also for their families and society (less unemployed, more manpower for the Companies).



At this point, the consortium needs a leading organization that belongs to:

  • Schools/ Education centers with an integrated area for youth with disabilities.
  • Organizations experienced in promoting the employment of youth with intellectual disabilities.
  • Organizations specialized in integrating gamification in training itineraries for people with intellectual disabilities.

If you are interested in creating consortia and participating in this project, please find the concept note in the following link as well as the Partner Information sheet:





Send your partner info sheet to eunetforinclusion@accioncontraelhambre.org before the 22nd of November 2019