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This Project aims to be a first step towards the social and labour integration of migrant and refugee women around Europe.

We suggest an approach where beneficiaries are protagonists by ensuring a proper detection of migrant and refugee women real and actual needs in each partner country:


  • Local multi- actor groups will be created, and periodical meetings will be held to generate a common framework towards the integration of women. These working groups with the representation of migrant women, NGO’s, companies and policy makers will encourage women social participation, rise awareness among different stakeholders, promote the share of good practices and experience and improve the knowledge about how to give better support to the social and economic integration of migrant women.
  • Practical trainings, workshops, mutual learning and group work activities will be designed as a result of the working groups and implemented from a multi-perspective approach that will ensure women gain awareness of their rights, increase their ability to interact and feel at ease in the new social environment. They will gain confidence, build networks and are better prepared for facing the labor market.
  • Women’ families will be involved as key elements on their way to gaining autonomy and pursuing labour inclusion. Sessions on social and labour rights, employment tools and economic planning will be held from a gender perspective and promote new masculinity roles in the families to guarantee the sustainability of women’s achievements during the program.




  • Organizations experienced in the implementation of employability programs from a gender perspective. Experience working with families and men will be valued.
  • Organizations working with migrants’ employability.
  • Public Organizations that participate in the design of public policies related with the integration of migrants.
  • Entities representing the private sector that can guarantee its participation in the project and beyond it.


If you are interested in creating consortia and participating in this project, please find the concept note in the following link as well as the Partner Information sheet:




Please send your partner information sheet before 22nd of November 2019 to: