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The aim of this project is to avoid the increase in NEET rates, supporting TVET teachers with an online/blended methodology and itinerary which assures the emotional and transversal competences development of students at risk of drop-out, in order to increase their engagement to education and their employability in the new dynamic and digital labour market. 

Doing this requires high commitment and collaboration of several stakeholders and experts to generate a scheme that can be easily adopted by VET teachers in all EU countries and that supports them with open trainings and methodological guides and tools.


  1. A common framework on the transversal competences associated to the digital competences, key for engagement in education and employment in the actual digital society.
  2. An online Itinerary for transversal skills development of TVET students at risk of drop-out.
  3. An online open MOOC for TVET teachers on the itinerary implementation.
  4. A skills assessment on-line tool and methodology for identifying and evaluating online transversal competences development.


IO1    Online itinerary for transversal competences development in TVET

This itinerary will include tools, resources and a specific online teaching and learning methodology for online collaborative projects based learning, to promote the active engagement and transversal competences development of students with specific learning needs and risk of early leaving, in TVET. It will include tips for teachers to pivot their role from teaching to guidance in an online setting, in cooperation with other teachers, in a transversal PBL approach.

IO2    Transversal competences assessment tools and methodology

Provide evidence based learning, upgrading the J4T competence assessment tool to generate students learning analytics data visualization, and new questionnaires that evaluate the main student’s skills for employability in the digital market identified. This tool will be the basis of the online assessment methodology to be designed, for the evaluation of competence development in online collaborative project based learning.

C1     Joint training staff event

An online training for trainers on the generated itinerary. Each partner will propose two trainers to participate in this transnational training, who will later support the pilots conducted at national level.


We look for partners to contribute and add value to this project proposal. Preferred profile and tasks:

  • University/ Research Center –innovation in education, technology enhanced learning
  • NGO, foundation, association –competence development for employment
  • VET centers – Implement the skills itinerary
  • Regional or national Education/ VET Administrations