Aim of the organization: 
Our mission is to Train, Evaluate and Advise individuals and organisations on Management Excellence. We are the EFQM National Partner Organisation for Romania. We believe that the public and private organisations need sustainable excellence for achieving outstanding results in terms of performance, productivity and competitiveness. We expect to be held in high standards by engaging leaders to learn, share and innovate management practices.
Describe your areas of intervention: 
Business management: excellence in public and private organisations. Entrepreneurship: courses and advising small businesses. Career guidance: advice, coaching and mentoring. Physical asset management, operations management, project management. Research: macroenvironmental analyses, key strategic drivers, scenarios, preparedness, policy making, governance, KSF, benchmarking, risk management. Blue economy, climate change, marine environment and ecology; ports, waterways, offshore, Oil&Gas.
Area/s of expertise of the organization: 
Education And Training
Equal Oportunities
Inclusive Entrepreneurship
Research And Innovation
Social Impact Measurement/Evaluation
Socio - Economic Development
Socio - Labour Inclusion
Transnational Cooperation