Solidaridad Sin Fronteras

Aim of the organization: 
SOLIDARIDAD SIN FRONTERAS – SSF is a non-governmental organization composed of interdisciplinary professionals. Our mission is to contribute to the development, integration and wellness of the most vulnerable groups, promoting tolerance, justice, and social responsibility in cooperation with other organizations and public institutions.
Describe your areas of intervention: 
MAIN WORK AREAS 1. Socio-labor and educational intervention 1.1. Legal counselling and international protection. 1.2. Counselling and socio-labor insertion. 1.3. Awareness 1.4. Training. 2. European projects 3. Cooperation and Education for development. 4. Participation. 4.1. Volunteering 4.2. Social participation 4.3. Corporate Social Responsibility 5. Consulting and research.
Area/s of expertise of the organization: 
Education And Training
Socio - Labour Inclusion