Fundacion Red Incola

Aim of the organization: 
NGO working with migrant people since 2006 Our general board is composed by nine religious entities, connected in a collective network to carry out a joint mission: to support immigrant population in risk situation of exclusion, in the promote and defense of their rights so that they can have a dignified life. More than 6000 people attended each year. 400 volunteer help in this mission.
Describe your areas of intervention: 
Our operational interests are directly connected to the delivery of service we offer and they begin immediately, from the moment a client first makes contact with us by knocking on the door of Red Incola, until the conclusion of that service. Those concerns include: • Initial Welcome, Attention and Care • Formation and Social Integration • Integration into the Workforce • Increased Social Awareness and Participation • Pastoral Fostering . The Volunteer Area
Area/s of expertise of the organization: 
Socio - Labour Inclusion