Clase Barcelona Language School

Aim of the organization: 
Clase Barcelona Language School (CBLS) was founded in 2012 in Barcelona. Initially CBLS focused on the development and management of a classic language school, offering classes in various languages for groups, individuals and companies; CBLS used then increasingly their new and existing contacts and networks in the education sector in order to participate successfully in European projects and the implementation of funding projects carried out by the European Social Fund (ESF) .
Describe your areas of intervention: 
CBLS has increasingly become a cultural intersection between Spain and other EU and non-EU countries. Through participation in social and cultural projects, as well as acting as a mediator between jobs and training, CBLS was able to establish and shape a vast network in Barcelona, Catalonia, and other countries, such as France, Sweden, Germany, Slovenia and Turkey.
Area/s of expertise of the organization: 
Education And Training
Inclusive Entrepreneurship
Transnational Cooperation