Aim of the organization: 
COMCY is a non for profit Training, Research and Development Organization, active in the field of project management, training & consulting. We focus on the training and development of various target groups and sectors of the society, through the participation in EU programs and initiatives as well as the implementation of training seminars in Cyprus and abroad. Towards the achievement of these we transfer and deliver good practices from Cyprus and other EU countries.
Describe your areas of intervention: 
COMCY has an extensive experience in regards to the training & development of various target groups, especially people with fewer opportunities. COMCY, through the development and usage of various ICT tools (assessment, intervention and development processes) and e-learning environments, possess experience in the provision of lifelong learning opportunities thus enhancing the needed competencies and skills of both trainers and trainees, matching them with the future needs and trends.
Area/s of expertise of the organization: 
Education And Training
Equal Oportunities
Inclusive Entrepreneurship
Research And Innovation
Socio - Economic Development
Socio - Labour Inclusion
Transnational Cooperation