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Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund

The European Union’s objective to constitute an area of freedom, security and justice should be achieved, inter alia, through common measures framing a policy on asylum and immigration, based on solidarity between Member States, which is fair towards third countries and their nationals.


Concretely, the objectives of this priority are:

  • Promotion of specific labor and training-related migration pathways between third countries and EU Member States, involving employers, other economic and social partners and civil society
  • Development of actions to achieve a better match between skills and demands in the EU's labour markets, in close cooperation with all relevant labour market actors, including employers, chambers of commerce and industry, national business organizations, trade unions, education and training institutions, including universities, and networks delivering work-related training, and civil society
  • Knowledge- and experience-sharing on successful actions to promote legal migration to the EU, taking into account the needs of migrants, the host societies as well as countries of origin


Actions to be funded under this call:

  • Analysis and design of concrete steps on how to set up and/or facilitate mobility between third countries and EU Member States;
  • Support measures during the pre-departure phase, including language training, vocational training, skills enhancement and work-place awareness training;
  • Support measures during the mobility phase, including further language training in the host Member State, access to cultural mediators, workplace training and mentoring, skills' enhancement and entrepreneurship training.
  • Support measures during the re-integration phase, including supporting diaspora in enhancing the developmental impact of labour migrants returning to their country of origin, mentoring in association with the relevant local agencies, recruitment to workplace by matching demand-offer skills upon return, as well as support (e.g. provision of advice, coaching) to the setting up of a business in the country of origin.


The duration of the project should be 36 months. 


The eligible partner countries for this call would be All EU Member States, with the exception of Denmark.


The deadline for submitting applications 31/01/2019 17:00 Brussels time.


In order to contribute to the development of the common Union policy on asylum and immigration and to the strengthening of the area of freedom, security and justice in the light of the application of the principles of solidarity and responsibility-sharing between the Member States and cooperation with third countries, the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) was set up. It aims at supporting actions to contribute to the efficient management of migration flows and the implementation, strengthening and development of a common Union approach to asylum and immigration.
Elegibilility of the applicants: 
In order to be eligible for a grant, applicants and co-applicants must be: a) legal persons (applications from natural persons are not eligible); b) established in a Member State participating in AMIF36 (this does not apply to international organisation); c) public bodies (including local authorities, public employment services, youth services and education institutions) or entities working on a non-profit basis; d) international organisations may be established outside of the Member States of the European Union participating in AMIF.