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Integration of emerging new technologies into education and training



Projects should contribute to all of the following expected outcomes:

  • Increase the shared critical understanding of the potential, opportunities, barriers, accessibility issues and risks of using emerging technologies for teaching and learning, as well considering the framework for the sustainable digitisation of education and learning in the future.
  • Support education and training systems with research on the adaptation and mainstreaming of the use of digitally enhanced pedagogies, in order to augment and extend learning, while also maintaining its human dimension and social relevance.
  • Share evidence and good practice on equipping teachers, trainers, educational leaders and learners with the skills necessary for the use of technology in creative, critical, competent and inclusive ways
  • Analyse the needs for adequate teacher training in relation with new educational technologies.

Expected impacts:

Proposals for topics under this Destination should set out a credible pathway to contributing to the following targeted expected impacts of the Horizon Europe Strategic Plan:

  • Social and economic resilience and sustainability are strengthened through a better understanding of the social, ethical, political and economic impacts of drivers of change (such as technology, globalisation, demographics, mobility and migration) and their interplay.

Admissibility conditions: described in Annex A and Annex E of the Horizon Europe Work Programme General Annexes

Proposal page limits and layout: described in Part B of the Application Form available in the Submission System

Eligible countries: described in Annex B of the Work Programme General Annexes

A number of non-EU/non-Associated Countries that are not automatically eligible for funding have made specific provisions for making funding available for their participants in Horizon Europe projects. See the information in the Horizon Europe Programme Guide.

Other eligibility conditions: described in Annex B of the Work Programme General Annexes

Financial and operational capacity and exclusion: described in Annex C of the Work Programme General Annexes