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European Social Fund Pilot Joint Action Plan

Investment ESF and FEAD: Policy & Legislation
Estimated at €2,3 million, the EU grant may not exceed 90 % of the total eligible costs.

The Commission promotes the use of innovative financing tools like JAPs in order to shift the focus towards outputs and results. The pilot JAP will contribute to achieving the goals and objectives of the ESF as described above. The supported area will depend on the proposal(s) selected.


Areas that the Pilot JAP shall aim:

- to support the achievement of a Member State’s Country Specific Recommendations2 relevant to the investment priorities listed under Article 3(1)(a) to (c) of Regulation (EU) 1304/2013
- and/or to support the Commission’s policy initiatives relating to Long Term Unemployment, Youth Unemployment, Integration of Migrants and the Skills Agenda.


Type of actions:

- a set of complementary actions which are carried out by at least two organisations under the responsibility of the beneficiary with the aim to address a challenge identified in the areas.
- based on an intervention logic, providing a logical link between the development needs, objectives, outputs and results with milestones and targets, and (types of) projects envisaged.
- with a reimbursement of costs on the basis of actually achieved outputs and/or results. The mix of output and/or results indicators may differ between and within proposals. It is possible for some project costs to be proposed to be reimbursed primarily based on actually achieved outputs, and for others to be reimbursed primarily based on actually achieved results, or a combination of both.


A project's duration shall indicatively be between 12 and 18 months.


Legal entities properly established and registered in EU Member States are eligible as lead applicant and co-applicants.


Deadline for submitting proposals 19th July/2018 Swim, Courier and Post : 24:00 Brussels' time (CET) Hand deliveries 16:00 Brussels' time (CET)

The objective of this pilot action is to strengthen national and regional capacity in Member States to prepare, design and implement JAPs by sharing experience and disseminating information derived from the implementation of one or several pilot JAPs.
Elegibilility of the applicants: 
The applicant (lead and co-applicant) must have the financial and operational capacity to complete the activity for which funding is requested. Only entities with the necessary financial and operational capacity may be considered for a grant.