Call for good practices 2019


This is a gamified set of cards developped to help unemployed people achieving a personal development and professional improvement by offering a new approach towards old fashioned trainings and tools in the field of career consulting and coaching.

This approach cover 32 topics related to career development and they are thought to empower participants during their guidance through this game-like model packed into a simple and flexible tool with the aim of successfully including young people and women in the socio-labour market. 

The tool has two formats – one is paper version and one is a digital (downloadable) version. Whether the cards are ordered or downloaded it comes with a full set of instructions, ensuring full scalability and transferability. 

FINALIST- 4P: a tool designed for the Professional and Personal Development of people with intellectual disabilities

4P is a tool that collects and organizes the information such as soft skills, interests, goals and plans of the project participants, its main goal would be increasing employment opportunities for young people with intellectual disability (PID).

The career guidance process is coordinated by professionals from Aprocor, while the work is being done by the PDI group of participants based on a process called “My Professional Development Plan”: the idea is that each of them has their support actions well-described and to connect their professional goals with any employment opportunity. Consequently, it is the individual who defines their professional goal.

This methodology is being implemented since 2011 and has meant a substantial change in the employment support model of the organization and has obtained different awards and recognitions at national level, boosting the continuity of the project as well as its scalability to similar groups in different territories.

FINALIST- EMAKTIVA: socio-labour inclusion for women at risk

Emaktiva was born as a pilot experience of a socio-labor inclusion prject,  community and  promotion of local  development  for women  at  risk  or  exclusion  and / or  victims  of  Gender Based Violence (GBV).  The project joins together advocacy actions and career guidance, as well as support in personal and social aspects with the purpose of providing and adequate transition to the labour market.

By conbining individual support and group sessions, Emaktiva is  focused on three main areas: 

  •  Social and personal empowerment of the target population. 
  • Creation of inclusive and quality employment. 
  •  Interaction  and  cooperation  and  participation  of  social  agents,  public  administration,  and  enterprises. 

The project has already obtained different agreements with entities from its environment (enterprises, public entities, and such) and it has also held different events and gathering with organizations of the same field with the purpose of raising awareness within the context and e rolling different agents of the terrotory, which can be easily replied with other agents in different territories.


The Open Mind project is a pilot experience of a gamified open on-line course in social entrepreneurship targeted at women and students from non-business fields of study. 

The aim of the project is to improve their access to entrepreneurship training to acquire entrepreneurial skills and attitude. In addition, it will also address gender gaps in the labour market by promoting gender-balanced career possibilities in the social entrepreneurship field.

Furthermore, the features of the game designed (collaboration, sharing, feedback, awards, etc.) provided a highly participative and friendly learning environment, so that students obtained generic entrepreneurship skills and specific business competences, while solving specific social problems in supportive cross-disciplinary. 

In order to achieve the aforementioned objectives, project partners undertook the following activities developed a massive online open course (MOOC) as well as an innovative gamified online platform which facilitated an interactive and engaging e-learning process. 

Since the piloting experience  was developed in collaboration with international partners it helped raising awareness about social issues and entrepreneurship in a systemic and national level, showing that the project could be replied in other territoties other than the ones involved in the project. 


With their CO-CREATION DAY event, SINGA seeks to foster entrepreneurship and collaboration between locals and newcomers. The target groups are onthe one hand, migrant population with a dream in mind but lacking the tools and resources needed to turn it into a feasible project, and, on the other hand, locals that want to collaborate on projects to strengthen the social fabric of the community.

The goals of the event were: to giive participants a vision of how far they could go regardless of their background while developing their dreams into actionable plans, using design thinking and creative methodologies. In addition, generating a social capital by connecting them with the actors from the city's ecosystem and its resources as well as crating a network among participants was also aimed in this journey.

Since the participants have shown much interest in not just transforming their dreams into reality, but also building them into long term, sustainable projects, SINGA is folllowing a fundraising strategy to implement a 6 months piloting experience, highlighting its potential to scale-up.