Summer school: Refugee children and families in Europe, social work and counselling.

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International Undergraduate Summer School organised by the University College Odisee Brussels in partnership with the University of Applied Sciences and Arts (Fachhochschule) Dortmund, Grupo de Investigación en Psicología Comunitaria of the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP), and Platform Kinderen op de vlucht / La Plate-forme Mineurs en exil. 

24 June – 5 July 2019 in Brussels, Odisee, Campus Schaarbeek

Join us this summer for an international Summer School in the heart of Europe. Internationally acknowledged lecturers, experienced guest speakers, off-campus excursions to European institutions, (inter) national NGOs and facilities, and an interesting social programme will make this Summer School informative AND fun.

Classes will take place at our small and pleasant campus in Schaarbeek in the North of Brussels. Using public transport, the city centre and main tourist attractions are only 15 minutes away.


An internationally composed team of specialists will provide interesting lectures and workshops on social work with refugee children and families. We will focus on methods to build up resilience.

Some themes in the programme:

  • European institutions and refugees
  • Building up resilience through adaptive methods like “Tree of Life”, story writing, mediation…
  • Lectures on resilience, life trajectories, community building… of refugee families and children
  • Visit at the Red Star Line Museum
  • Visits at international NGO’s


Throughout the program we will form small project groups. Each group will work on a real-life question of an organisation concerning refugee children and families. At the end of the programme, the different groups will present their work in a student fair.

Target group

Undergraduate students (2nd, 3rd and 4th grade) of social work, social sciences, applied psychology, anthropology, counselling, health sciences, education… who want to develop a broader view on social work and counselling work with refugee families and children, both on a theoretical and methodological level.

The number of participants for the complete programme will be limited to 50 students.

  • Language: English
  • ECTS: 3
  • In order to receive the ECTS-points, there is a mandatory presence on all parts of the programme and a paper to be handed in at the end of August.

Registration fee for students


  • 80 euro without lodgment (lunches and visits included)
  • 450 euro with lodgment in the Train Hostel (breakfast, lunches and visits included)
  • 200 euro with lodgment in a host family (breakfast, lunches, visits, dinner included - transportation from the host family to the campus is not included)


  • 250 euro without lodgment (lunches and visits included)
  • 620 euro with lodgment (breakfast, lunches and visits included)

What if you should cancel?

  • If you cancel your subscription before the 15th of May, we will reimburse 100% of the subscription fee and 30% of the lodging fee.
  • If you cancel after the 15th of May, we will reimburse 50% of the subscription fee. At this moment, the lodging fee cannot be reimbursed anymore.


We can offer two options:

  1. Lodging at the ‘Train Hostel’ in a pleasant room for four or six persons,. This hostel is close to the campus; breakfast is included. More information:
  2. Host family: breakfast, lunches, visits, dinner are included; transportation from the host family to the campus is not included. Location can be in another city.

If you like to stay in contact with the participants of the summer school during the evenings, we recommend you to stay in the train hostel. Host families can live quite far away from our campus. Students will have to take the train, these costs are not included in the price.

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