2 years 2 months ago

We visited the winner entity in Inclusive Entrepreneurship of our call for good practices!

The European network of Innovation for Inclusion and the two finalist entities of the call for good practices visited Social+ Local Enterprise Alliance DAC, an initiative fostered by PARTAS that aims to create local enterprises, such as a cafeteria, a beer brewery or a kitchen that you can rent, in order to promote the depressed economy of the area.

The meeting allowed its participants to reflect and share their different viewpoints ideas about the awarded practice in order to highlight its strengths and improve its weaknesses in the working group that took place on the second day of the visit. The working group was also a proper scenario for sharing ideas about new project and practices with the purpose of learning from one another and promoting alliances between the participating entities.

The European Network of Innovation would like to thank all the participating entities: Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, Association for Social Cooperatives and PARTAS.

For Spanish readers, here's further information about the visit:https: //