The power of word and Smile

2 months 1 week ago

The Institute of Cultural Affairs Spain has something to share, related to the power of  word and smile.

Today, 21st of May, is the International day of Culture Diversity for Dialogue and Development.

In collaboration and with the supportof the Anna Lindh Foundation Network 5 Madrid's organizations have got together to develop an awareness campaing as a value and instrument for inclusion in Spain.

Check out their video

They invite you to check out their video in this link:


Along the week the campaign will be unveiling. Stay with us #ReFALInterculturalidad


A project of Fundación Abraham Amigo, Instituto de Asuntos Culturales, España - IACE -AIPC Pandora,  Dramblys y Fundación CIDEAL de Cooperación e Investigación with the support of IEMed Anna-Lindh Foundation Hellas #RefalMed